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About the REVISED 4th Edition 2023 Manual

The revised 4th edition of the Manual is long overdue. All copies of the previous 4th edition released in 2013 were sold, and demand for the Manual was heard frequently from clinicians worldwide and veterinary students. I decided to go chapter by chapter to update the Manual, retain core information, and provide selected updates and an expanded index, hence the REVISED 4th edition. It is achieved because of the need expressed by those who had access to earlier editions and found it essential to them in their practice of foal medicine. I hope this little book will be a friend in the night, as an aid when presented with a challenging and perplexing foal, or the place you can go to find the information you need to treat a foal. We are doing much better with neonatal foal care today, and much of what we have learned is at your fingertips in the Manual.

And most exciting is the ability to have the REVISED 4th edition available for download in an ePDF form. It is also available for those who prefer the familiar pocket size of the Manual that fits in the glove box and coverall pocket. You can now have it with you in either form.

NEW – The REVISED 4th 2023 Edition



New topics include:

Neonatal Ultrasound-Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Cardiac

Fetal Ultrasound

New Drug Formulary with specific doses for foals

New Method of Foal Restraint- non-chemical- Madigan Squeeze Method


Limb Deformity Management by Dr. Hans Castelijns

New Sedation & Anesthesia Guidelines

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