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Foal Squeezing with 'Madigan Squeeze'

Check out the videos on how to apply ropes to use the Madigan Foal Squeeze method of restraint. It is natural with no drugs and is pain free to the foal. It is helpful for administering plasma, ultrasound, glue on shoe etc. Best in neonatal foals.

Age: Foals must be under 3 days of age 

Contraindications: foals that have never stood or have any of the following: a rib fracture, respiratory distress or congenital anomalies. 

Equipment: Soft rope 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch diameter which slides easily (length 16-18 feet), optional luggage scale pressure gauge (use 10 to 20 pounds of pressure)

Requirements: Only do this if you are a skilled clinician under the supervision of a veterinarian and after the foal has had a physical examination. During the procedure monitor the foals breathing (the foal goes to sleep and the nose can end up in straw or shavings and obstruct the nostril). These videos are not a training video and you assume all risks if using it in your clinical practice. 


Directions with pictures from UC Davis:

Madigan Foal Squeeze- Part I



Evaluation of squeeze-induced somnolence in neonatal foals.


Survey of Veterinarians Using a Novel Physical Compression Squeeze Procedure in the Management of Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome in Foals

Use of Squeeze-Induced Somnolence for Routine Plasma Administration in Healthy Neonatal Foals

Youtube video on Equine Maladjustment

Youtube video featuring Australian foal 2012:

Madigan Foal Squeeze- Part II

Madigan Foal Squeeze- Part III

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